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Easily manage your telephone prospecting campaigns

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The advantages of our phoning software

Our hosted phoning software enables call centers and sales teams to create high-performance outbound calling campaigns in just a few clicks.

Our outbound calling software is a major asset for your sales department, enabling you to launch effective outbound calling campaigns.

Our phoning software lets you load databases of numbers and dial them automatically. If the calling robot detects a voicemail, it goes directly to the next number in the database.

Our outbound calling software has been designed to enable you to :

  • Gain in productivity: access a complete solution to improve your productivity. Our phoning software can integrate all your business tools to centralize everything on the same interface.
  • Build customer loyalty and win new customers: investing in phoning software means you can take better care of your customer relations.
    Customer journey tracking becomes complete by linking each call to its online experience.
  • Maximize contact rates and campaign performance with our adaptive dialing engine (3 dialing modes: preview, progressive and predictive).
  • Monitor call center performance in real time: access all the KPIs that determine the efficiency and quality of customer service.
    Use these statistics to evaluate and improve the profitability of your customer service.
  • Improve your agents’ experience: they gain in efficiency and comfort by accessing a 360° view of the omnichannel customer journey in a single interface. They get all the information faster.

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The best features of our phoning software :


Easy software installation

Our hosted solution enables you to outsource your technical and human costs for greater flexibility, scalability and security. Everything is configured in just a few clicks from an ultra-simple dashboard.


Multi-campaign phoning

Simultaneously manage multiple campaigns based on multiple operations (outbound calls, emails, social media or any other outbound activity).


100% VoIP telephony

Benefit from all the flexibility of IP telephony at attractive rates.


Stable Internet connection

No need to invest in a switchboard: VoIP telephony software or an IP phone is all you need!


Predictive dialing

Connect your agents by reducing their waiting time between calls. Automatic dialing brings you convenience and time savings, without robotizing telemarketing.


Making sales appointments

Connect salespeople's agendas and distribute appointments as you wish.


Responder detection

The predictive dialing system is capable of recognizing answering machines, interrupted calls and unanswered calls. Your agents will make efficient calls.


Qualification form

Continuously enrich the information in your database to improve your knowledge of your customers and prospects, and optimize your prospecting campaigns.


Real-time statistics

Powerful statistics enable the supervisor to measure, control and improve outbound call center activity.


Listening, blowing and recording

Use these tools to improve call center service quality and sales team training.


Call blending

Your agents receive and make calls simultaneously. Call Blending is commonly used for resource optimization.


Customer file feedback

With automatic customer file feedback, your agents have a 360° view of customer information.

Interfaces with numerous CRM systems

Fast, ergonomic phoning software

digiCONTACTS supervision interface: real-time activity

Visualize all your activities in just a few clicks

Thanks to the real-time supervision of our phoning software, you can understand and adapt your contact center‘s activities.

The home page is fully customizable: add as many widgets as you like, wherever you like!

Our phoning solution provides you with all the tools you need to monitor your agents’ performance in real time: number of calls answered, lost, average or maximum waiting time, etc.

All these features ensure that your call center runs smoothly.

Easily manage your phoning campaigns

Our prospecting software is a powerful solution for managing your telemarketing campaigns in total autonomy.

Your marketing campaigns are fully customizable: qualification fields, call scripts, automatic emails… Your agents gain in efficiency!

You can create an unlimited number of prospecting campaigns, from small one-offs to massive calls.

digiCONTACTS supervision interface: call campaigns

Analyze your statistics in detail

Statistics are an indispensable tool for call centers, enabling them to monitor the activities and productivity of their agents.

By analyzing these figures, supervisors are able to adjust the activity of their agents, identify malfunctions and implement corrective actions.

Our prospecting software provides detailed call statistics.

Among the information that can be analyzed with call statistics, we can mention :

  • Missed calls.
  • Calls answered.
  • Abandoned calls.
  • Average waiting time.

Boost your telephone prospecting with a winning strategy!

digiCONTACTS agent interface: call qualification

Increase the productivity of your call center agents

To simplify customer data management, your agents will be able to fill in the information required to create a qualified and complete appointment form directly during their meeting with the prospect.

For each prospecting campaign, you’ll be able to create fully customizable input form templates.

What’s more, to simplify the supervision and quality management of your sales force, you can, if you wish, activate an option that allows you to retrieve the recorded conversation directly from the schedule to confirm the appointment.

This file can even be attached to the notification email received by the sales rep.

digiCONTACTS agent interface: shared calendars

Simplified diary management for your sales team

A fully customized planning tool to manage your schedule and that of your sales force. In this way, you promote a better flow of information. You can define as many agendas as you like.

Flexible schedule management. You can share calendars between several agents. Agents and sales representatives can have one or more schedules at their disposal.

With the supervision tool, you can superimpose calendars to see at a glance the availability of each schedule, so you can distribute appointments as you wish.

Integrate our phoning software with your CRM

In just a few clicks, integrate your CRM solution with our digiCONTACTS software: you’ll gain in efficiency and productivity!

These native CRM integrations enable important call data to be automatically recorded in your CRM, saving you time rather than switching between tools to ensure the right data is recorded and updated.

All your omnichannel customer interactions are managed from a single tool: digiCONTACTS.

By integrating your CRM and business applications with our phoning software, the three main advantages are :

  • Increase the efficiency of your agents and provide precise answers to customer queries.
  • Offer your customers a richer, more personalized customer relationship.
  • Deploy a truly personalized and effective omnichannel strategy.

Start improving your customer relations today with digiCONTACTS

All the answers to your questions about our phoning software

Phoning software is a sales tool that helps sales reps optimize their telephone prospecting to increase the number of appointments obtained. Phoning software integrates numerous features to improve agent efficiency and productivity.

Phoning software offers many advantages:

  • Predictive: if the calling robot detects a voicemail, it goes straight to the next number in the database.
  • Performance statistics: analyze your agents' performance.
  • Listening & Blowing: coach and train your agents live with these functions.
  • CRM integration: calling back your prospects will be easier, because once you're connected, you'll only have to make one click to contact the target.
  • Power dialer: program outgoing call campaigns in an instant.

Phoning software enables intelligent management of a company's communications, for both incoming and outgoing calls.

To install your phoning software, you need to select a supplier and then choose your business telephone number. All that's left is to configure the software according to your company's desired call management results. This configuration can also include integration with other CRM tools, business applications, etc. (Depending on the phoning software supplier, the configuration and integration processes will differ).

Whatever strategy you decide to implement, it's essential to have a thorough understanding of your target market. The telephone is the perfect tool for identifying your caller directly. This immediacy enables you to quickly qualify your prospects and more easily define their expectations and needs.

Outbound calls get a bad press from the general public, especially when they are made to private individuals, due to the abuses of certain call centers. But when carried out professionally and within the framework of the laws in force, outbound calls enable interactive, personalized communication with the caller, ideal for boosting sales and setting yourself apart from the competition.

Here are the steps to follow for a successful outbound call campaign:

  • Prepare your database: collect all the data you need for successful telephone prospecting.
  • Work on your sales pitch: draw up your call script, structuring it with simple, easy-to-understand arguments.
  • Set up an appointment quickly: during the outgoing call, suggest an appointment to the prospect so that you can discuss things further.
  • Schedule pre-appointment reminders: send appointment reminders to your potential customers.
  • Thank the customer after the appointment: show the prospect that you've understood their needs and will do your best to satisfy them.

Your sales reps no longer waste time on time-consuming tasks, and can concentrate on their sales pitch. Everything is automatically recorded in their phoning software:

  • Data sheet feedback during the call
  • Tags and call notes
  • Call history and recording

From drawing up your specifications to training your staff, the digiCONTACTS team is with you every step of the way!
Our aim: to ensure that the implementation of our software in SaaS mode goes as smoothly as possible. We try to ensure that each of your employees quickly gets to grips with how our phoning software works. Whether at your company or remotely, we'll teach your staff the best practices for using our software to its full potential.

We're with you every step of the way.

Technical support is available 6 days a week from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

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