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Are you looking to diversify your customer communication channels?

Using e-mail as part of your customer relations strategy can reduce costs, save time and optimize the productivity of your call center or contact center.

Improve your customer relations strategy

If you want to improve your customer relations, email is one of the essential tools to include in your strategy.

Email is a widely used means of communication.

One of the advantages is that you can quickly contact a large number of customers and prospects .

The average email marketing open rate is between 15% and 25%. This rate rises to 75% or even 80% for transactional emailing.

Emailing solutions
Email marketing

Increase your teams' productivity

Smoother internal organization and rapid, efficient contact with the customer guarantee you productivity gains.

Streamline the internal organization of your call center.

By distributing work equitably between agents, according to their individual abilities, you make the most of their working time.

Communicate effectively with your customers

Communicating en masse to promote your services, reminding customers of appointments or confirming them, or following up on orders are all actions that guarantee customer satisfaction.

By using email to manage your customer relations, you can improve the productivity of your customer relations department and facilitate the work of your teams.

Opting for e-mail management software offers many advantages for communicating and responding to your customers.

Advantages of an emailing solution

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The best features of our e-mail management software


Intelligent email routing

For fast, efficient resolutions, route customer emails to the right agents based on skills, language requirements, priority, availability and more.


Classifying and prioritizing emails

Manage your mailbox with a unified interface. Classify and prioritize all your emails using advanced management tools based on key criteria you've set in advance.


Statistics and reports

Monitor the performance of email and all your other channels in real time, and generate comprehensive reports. Use your data to make clear and effective decisions to improve your customer service.


Sharing documents and multimedia content

You can attach documents or multimedia content such as photos or videos in response to your customers' emails.


Standardized response

Stay consistent and respond quickly to customers with pre-recorded answers. Agents can modify standardized responses to personalize messages and add attachments.

Develop customer engagement throughout the digital journey!

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Customers prefer email support

Interfacing with numerous CRM or business applications

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Find out more about our e-mail management software

E-mail management software lets you send and receive messages. It can also sort and classify incoming and outgoing messages, and automate certain tasks toimprove productivity. Integrated with a complete contact center software package, you'll have a reliable solution for managing both your email campaigns and other solutions such as call and SMS management!

E-mail management software helps you to organize all your customer requests in one place.

This facilitates message search and management, enabling agents to respond more quickly and efficiently to queries. What's more, e-mail management software can automate tasks such as standardized replies, increasing productivity and reducing errors. It also enables performance and customer satisfaction to be tracked thanks to detailed indicators and reports. Finally, the use of such software promotes collaboration between team members and enables precise tracking of customer interactions.

Many e-mail-related tasks can thus be automated to boost productivity:

  • Intelligent e-mail routing: direct e-mails to the right agent based on availability and expertise.
  • Advanced management tools: set up rules to prioritize your messages.
  • Pre-written answers: respond quickly to your customers with standardized answers.
  • Address blocking and spam filters: block specific addresses.

These days, your teams need intuitive collaboration tools that work together seamlessly.

With digiCONTACTS, give them a unified communications solution that connects call center users with other employees. Bring all your teams together to achieve faster response times, increase customer satisfaction rates and further optimize your agents' work.

E-mail is one of the fastest and easiest communication channels for customers. So that your teams can access them quickly and easily, centralize e-mails with your other communication channels. When email is managed within a single omnichannel solution, such as our omnichannel software, agents are offered the opportunity to actively respond and easily switch between channels, depending on the needs of the service.

With digiCONTACTS customer relations e-mail management software, access key indicators in real time. A unified approach gives you clear, precise information about your business.

You can view the history and real-time performance of e-mails and other channels. The data collected on a daily basis is a real goldmine for your teams. You can then analyze and identify what worked, what didn't and why. Statistical reports help you to improve your service quality, day after day, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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