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The benefits of our omnichannel software

Our omnichannel software is a tool that helps manage, collect, process and distribute data from a variety of sources (phone calls, sms, emails, Whatsapp, etc.) to all a company’s sales channels.

Thanks to improved segmentation and multiple communication channels, our omnichannel solution enables the implementation of personalized marketing campaigns based on the consumer’s history.

Its role is to centralize data in a single database and guarantee a 360° view of customer relations, whatever the channel used.

  • Improved agent productivity: all communications are accessible from a single interface, and agents get all information faster.
    Your agents gain in efficiency and comfort by accessing a 360° view of the omnichannel customer journey in an intuitive interface.
  • Greater transparency: supervisors have access to a global view of all the channels used: phone calls, emails, sms, social networks, etc. This enables them to make more appropriate, personalized decisions.
  • Customer satisfaction: customers can contact your company via the communication channel they prefer, and receive better service in return.
    This has a direct impact on their engagement with your brand, but also on your conversion rate.

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The best features of our omnichannel software


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR can handle a large number of simultaneous calls without line loss or saturation. It identifies the customer and qualifies their request for rapid transfer to the right advisor.


Automatic caller

To reach your objectives more quickly, digiCONTACTS' omnichannel solution offers 3 numbering modes: progessive, preview and predictive.


Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Intelligent call distribution routes incoming calls directly to the most appropriate available agent. ACD reduces the waiting time for each phone call, improving customer satisfaction and your teams' productivity.


Real-time supervision

Thanks to the real-time dashboard, you can access all your teams' current call flows at a glance, and monitor live performance indicators relevant to your business.


The omnichannel system

Nowadays, customers contact brands via a variety of communication channels, including telephone, email, SMS, web forms, chat, instant messaging and social networks. Thanks to our omnichannel solution, your agents have a 360° view and can unify communication across all channels.


Call recording and playback

These features are essential for training your agents and improving call center service quality.



To optimize your KPIs, rich reporting is an indispensable asset for understanding and improving your agents' performance.

Omnichannel software, an indispensable tool for your customer relations

Control the entire customer journey from a single interface

Manage the entire customer journey through a single interface

With digiCONTACTS, you can handle all customer interactions (voice, email, SMS, social networks) within a single interface. This intuitive interface features a 360° view to enhance your teams’ comfort and operational efficiency.

Our omnichannel solution enables your staff to communicate on a single platform: they can be responsive and converse with your customers via calls, emails, social networks and more. Your advisors start their exchanges on one channel and continue on another to provide an effective response to each customer request.

Our omnichannel tool, designed to improve the customer journey and customer satisfaction, is easily installed as a hosted solution and requires only an Internet connection.

Track your statistics in real time

  • Our dashboard displays statistical data in real time: it provides an overview of call activity and details of your agents’ individual activity.

    Supervisors can :

    • analyze call volume trends and apply appropriate solutions to improve customer service.
    • view statistics by agent and improve their productivity.

    Advanced statistics are therefore available by call, by agent, by number, by skill group, etc.

    Via the Administration interface of our omnichannel system, you have access to a reporting tool. You can export them in csv or pdf format.

    Real-time monitoring enables you to make immediate, informed decisions to increase call center efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Integrate our software with your customer relations CRM

  • By integrating your CRM and/or business applications with our software, you’ll gain in efficiency and productivity!

    These native CRM integrations enable important call data to be automatically recorded in your CRM, saving you time rather than switching between tools to ensure the right data is recorded and updated.

    All your omnichannel customer interactions are managed from a single tool: digiCONTACTS.

    By integrating your CRM and business applications with our omnichannel software, the three main advantages are :

    • Increase the efficiency of your agents and provide precise answers to customer queries.
    • Offer your customers a richer, more personalized customer relationship.
    • Deploy a truly personalized and effective omnichannel strategy.

Interfaces with numerous CRM systems

Offer an optimal customer experience throughout the customer journey

Our omnichannel tool enables your agents to manage multiple communication channels: phone, email, sms, whatsapp,... on a single platform.
In this way, you can increase the versatility of your agents and better serve your customers!

Solution gestion des Email

Email Channel

Improve the efficiency of your customer service by using email.
Solution gestion des SMS

SMS Channel

Stand out from the competition in an original and effective way: inform your customers by SMS.
Solution gestion des Whatsapp

Whatsapp channel

Increase your responsiveness and availability by integrating WhatsApp into your customer relations.

Develop a winning omnichannel strategy!

Respond quickly to your customers' questions

Answer your customers' questions more quickly and efficiently

Our omnichannel software makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers, and enables your company to be reached at any time, via different communication channels, from a single, intuitive interface.

Empower your teams with our unique omnichannel customer relationship management solution. Thanks to our ergonomic, intuitive platform, there’s no need to go back and forth. Your agents will have a 360° view. They will be able to access customer data and the history of their journey in a single interface.

Adopting our omnichannel software is a winning strategy: the employee experience is improved and the customer is satisfied!

Increase customer engagement with our omnichannel software

Customer engagement refers to the ability of customers to become involved in their relationship with a brand.

To build an ideal omnichannel customer journey , the company needs to understand what the customer expects at each touchpoint, and how they perceive the journey in place. The aim is to create a real investment between the customer and the company. By listening to them and offering them products that meet their needs, the company improves the customer experience and builds a powerful relationship with them.

So, to achieve optimal customer engagement, every company needs to regularly analyze its results and adapt its strategy according to the feedback.
It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the main objective is to encourage the customer to interact and engage, while focusing on their satisfaction.

Increase customer engagement with our omnichannel software
Improve the efficiency of your customer relations department

Improve the efficiency of your customer relations department

Today’s customers are increasingly demanding and impatient. They use different communication channels to contact the same brand, and expect a rapid response with personalized follow-up.

Our omnichannel software enables you to manage your customer relations in a way that makes your customer service department’s job easier. Your company can now be reached at any time, via multiple communication channels, from a single platform.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your customer service thanks to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow you to measure the performance of your teams. Customer satisfaction score is an important KPI. If your customers are satisfied, they’ll stay loyal to your brand.

Start improving your customer relations today with digiCONTACTS

All the answers to your questions about our omnichannel software

For a company, an omnichannel strategy means using and connecting several traditional, physical and digital communication channels simultaneously to deliver messages and meet customer needs. These channels can be telephone, SMS or web-based solutions such as a website or social networks.

The omnichannel journey takes into account all the communication channels used by consumers to contact a company.
The latter are inclined to simultaneously use different channels of interaction online (website, mobile app, social networks, SMS, chat, etc.) and offline (physical point of sale, traditional advertising, etc.) to purchase a service/product, or contact customer service.

A multi-channel strategy means using as many independent channels as possible to reach your customers, communicate with them and distribute your products. It's a question of diversifying channels, multiplying them to gain visibility.

Conversely, an omnichannel strategy involves merging channels to unify the customer experience. It's not just a question of offering several channels, or ensuring that they complement each other, but of going further and seeking to offer the customer a seamless, unified, global experience.

By implementing an omnichannel strategy, you can communicate all kinds of information via different communication channels. In this way, you'll get to know your customers better, and become accustomed to their consumption habits and preferences.
The challenge is to keep in touch with customers. Your omnichannel strategy will be enhanced, both in terms of marketing and customer relations.

The main advantages of an omnichannel strategy are :

  • Centralized customer data.
  • Unified communication channels.
  • A smoother, more harmonious customer experience .
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Greater productivity for your teams.

In the customer journey, omnichannel allows consumers to choose their different interaction channels to discover a product/service or request information.

The 3 main challenges are :

  • Personalized customer journeys: take into account the history of interactions with your customers to better communicate with them.
  • Responsiveness: being available on different communication channels to meet customer needs.
  • Data security: the information collected is centralized.

The digiCONTACTS team will support you throughout the deployment of your omnichannel software.

Our team is at your disposal from the very start of your project, from configuring and parameterizing the solution to training your teams.
During your daily use of digiCONTACTS, a team of dynamic, responsive technicians is at your service 6 days a week, from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00.

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