Boost the performance of your sales team

Telemarketing software for sales and marketing teams

Increase your sales with outbound call automation software

  • Contact your customers and prospects.
  • Customize your call scripts.
  • Adopt the predictive call engine.
  • Connect all your business tools to our telephone system.

Increase your company's growth

Easily create your call campaigns

Easily create your call campaigns

In just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily create your call campaigns by importing your prospecting files and leads.

Maximum productivity

Boost your prospecting efficiency

For maximum productivity, increase your contacts' reachability rates thanks to the pedictive engine that detects answering machines.

Adjust your call handling in real time

Analyze your results in real time

Measure the effectiveness of your call campaigns and the performance of your agents with a real-time view of your statistics.

Interfaces with numerous CRM systems

Creation of digiCONTACTS call campaigns

Easily create call campaigns

In just a few clicks, you can quickly create your call campaigns thanks to our intuitive interface. Automatically load your call files from a CSV file or from your CRM.

As soon as you launch your campaign, our outbound calling software lets you choose the automatic dialing mode best suited to your objectives:

  • Preview mode: calls are made one after the other. The agent already has information about the other party before establishing communication.
  • Progressive mode: as soon as the advisor hangs up, the software moves on to the next call. The agent has no information about the prospect before the call is made. The information sheet appears when you pick up the phone.
  • Predictive mode: automatic dialing of outgoing calls according to an algorithm anticipating agent availability. The numbered call is transferred to an agent when picked up by the recipient. This option guarantees optimum productivity.

Measure your customer service performance

digiCONTACTS call center software features real-time dashboards with customizable widgets and detailed reports.

The supervision interface enables you to monitor your telephone activity and your agents’ productivity in real time. At any time, the supervisor can interact with the agent directly from the interface using our quality control tools: listening, recording, whispering, chatting, etc.

digiCONTACTS supervision tools
The benefits of digiCONTACTS

Our assets for successful sales prospecting!

  • Quick remote (or on-site) installation.
  • No-commitment offer in SaaS mode (monthly billing).
  • Omnichannel solution (voice, SMS, email, Whatsapp).
  • CRM / Business tools integration.
  • Automatic caller.
  • Computer-telephony coupling.
  • Call script editor.
  • Call recording.
  • Listening, whispering and internal chat functionalities.
  • Real-time supervision.
  • Call statistics / KPI analysis / Reporting.
  • Worldwide voice quality.
  • Special numbers / Local numbers.
  • Support throughout your use. Technical support is available 6 days a week from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

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