Groupe Tressol Chabrier: its telephony project

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The Tressol Chabrier Group

Introducing the Tressol Chabrier Group

Groupe Tressol Chabrier has been a car and motorcycle distributor for nearly 30 years in the Langudeoc Roussilon, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, Limousin and Midi-Pyrénées regions.

The Group in figures :

  • 47 sales outlets in 6 départements
  • 22 car brands
  • 1,000 employees

Introducing the Tressol Chabrier Group

The Group has equipped its 10-position call center with Call Center digiCONTACTS outbound and inbound software for the following missions:

  • Quality follow-up.
  • Overflow.
  • Telephone prospecting.
  • Traffic generation.
  • Loyalty.

The Group has also replaced its standards and integrated a unified VoIP standard for several concessions.

In the near future, a logistics platform will be set up, dedicated to spare parts for dealer and professional sales, interfaced with a DCSnet DMS (management software for automotive distribution).

Concessions Tressol Chabrier

Why did you choose digiCONTACTS?

“digiCONTACTS has 15 years’ expertise in the telephony sector, operational marketing and customer relationship management in areas we wanted to develop… digiCONTACTS provides us with the right tool to handle our missions, and makes the necessary developments for our own evolution.

The digiCONTACTS message is simple and accessible, and easy to understand for non-telephony and IT professionals.
digiCONTACTS knows the field. Its speed of development and responsiveness are valuable assets for professionals anxious to improve their processes. “

How did the set-up go?

“Our needs were quickly identified by digiCONTACTS, and we were able to implement the solution simply and efficiently.

The digiCONTACTS team listens to your needs, provides the advice you need to improve your organization, makes proposals for the changes you need to make, and is reactive when it comes to implementing improvements. digiCONTACTS is professional and expert in its field. “

The results observed since using digiCONTACTS

What benefits have you seen since installation?
“The telephone call center contributes to the development of the TC Group’s internal growth:

Increased group quality thanks to internal satisfaction surveys.
Increased showroom traffic thanks to personalized appointments.
Increase workshop traffic by monitoring workshop loyalty programs, and implement special workshop operations.
Personalized customer relations, customer proximity, listening and responding to customer expectations. “

Would you recommend digiCONTACTS?

“Yes, I have done so on several occasions, and this recommendation has come to fruition.

Our strengths: professionalism, responsiveness, proximity and adaptability.

digiCONTACTS can always be reached by phone or e-mail, and in 18 months we’ve never been left without an answer or a solution.
DigiCONTACTS knows its customers and adapts to their needs. “

Nathalie Marlier