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Interactive Voice Server

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a real asset for your customer service department

Interactive Voice Response (IV R) is a telephony technology that enables calls to be transferred as well as received. An intelligent IVR can then interact with callers to direct them to the right service.

A real time-saving tool that will help you cut costs through better internal organization. The result is enhanced customer satisfaction .

Our IVR software offers several advantages for businesses:

  • Time-saving
    Organization is smoother, and incoming calls arrive at the right destination.
    IVR saves precious time for your advisors and callers.
  • Productivity gains
    Automatic call routing makes it easier to manage incoming calls and requires fewer resources.
  • Precise targeting
    User calls are redirected to the right person or department.
  • Service available around the clock
    Your customers can call 24/7 and get an answer, without even speaking to one of your advisors.
  • Flexible working
    Work from home, from one site to another, thanks to the great flexibility offered by IVR. Direct calls to any telephone extension.
  • A scalable solution
    Make your voice server evolve as you wish: personalize your voice messages, change your music-on-hold, your messaging system, etc.
  • A professional image
    By setting up an interactive voice server, your company can offer its customers a high-quality welcome.
  • Enhanced customer experience
    Availability, professionalism and optimized call management are all assets in your favor to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Cost reduction
    Less time wasted, fewer resources mobilized, inevitably lead to lower costs for managing a conventional switchboard.

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The best features of our interactive voice server software :


Use pre-recorded IVR messages

Your telephone answering system represents you. When a prospect, customer or partner tries to call you, you need to be able to provide them with the best possible experience. Our IVR solution lets you set up pre-recorded generic messages and on-hold messages.


Collect information on callers

The system must be able to recognize the voice commands and buttons pressed by callers. If the system is unable to do this, callers will not be directed to the relevant branches and agents.


Prioritize calls

IVR systems must be able to recognize the most important callers. Once the system recognizes the caller, it must be able to pass him/her to the front of the queue, or transfer him/her to the appropriate customer service manager.


Announce number of callers in queue

You can tell your callers how many people are ahead of them in the queue. This gives them a rough idea of how long they have to wait. This reassures them and improves their customer experience.


Create a scenario for a special date

You can customize your call routing for a specific date only. Once this date has passed, the basic routing scenario will be applied again (school vacations, public holidays, etc.).


Collect data from your call center

Supervise your customer service activity in real time and measure your agents' performance via the dashboard.

Interfaces with numerous CRM systems

The benefits of implementing IVR software

Personalize your customers' journeys

The implementation of interactive voice server software requires careful thought beforehand.

A good IVR is short and concise, with no unnecessary questions or requests. So defining possible scenarios is an essential step.

So it’s best to design a menu that doesn’t include too many options, to reduce waiting time and provide a good customer experience.

One way to avoid endless lists at first level is to group calls by category, according to the most common queries. It is then possible to be more precise and refine the request in the following branches. Depending on the options selected by the user, the IVR must be able to opt for the right action to direct your customer to the right service.

The system must be easy to use for your advisors, but the steps must also be clear for the correspondent, and not too numerous to risk losing them.

Efficiently handle high call volumes

In times of high call volume, IVR software can help companies gain total control over the flow of incoming calls by efficiently routing them to the most appropriate agents.

You can also optimize your IVR by directing calls to your self-help resources and allowing them to leave a voice message.
By doing so, you can reduce the number of calls agents have to answer.

Call volume peaks can also be eliminated by activating a callback option, which is available with most call center solutions.

How an IVR works
How an IVR works

Analyze and adjust your resources in real time

By closely monitoring your call center statistics, you can get a better idea of peak call volumes and the performance of each call center agent during busy periods.

Track key call center data and key performance indicators (such as average handling time, average speed of response, missed calls). Depending on the priority issues raised via the IVR menu, you can better adapt your resources by skill or profession.

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All about our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) software

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a computer system that automatically manages customer relations.

The IVR greets callers with a menu of options and performs actions based on the caller's responses. The customer interacts with the server using the keys on his telephone, or his voice, before being directed to an agent.

Setting up interactive voice server software requires a great deal of thought beforehand. A professional service provider shouldn't just sell you a solution without first determining your needs.

So defining possible scenarios is an essential step. In this sense, it's essential to work with you to develop a tree structure that sets out the different stages in providing an answer to the caller.

Depending on the options selected by the user, the IVR must be able to opt for the right action to direct your customer to the right service. The system must be easy to use for your advisors, but the steps must also be clear for the correspondent, and not too numerous to risk losing them.

As your IVR is your customers' gateway to your company, it must reflect a positive image and offer a pleasant user experience.

The IVR is a tool that considerably improves the quality of service provided by your switchboard.

The IVR can be used to manage various advanced telephone services, such as order tracking, telephone reception, on-call management, etc.

The IVR allows you to :

  • Optimize telephone reception.
  • Direct calls intelligently.
  • Save money: replace a switchboard operator.
  • No technical intervention required to make the solution available, ...
  • Get concrete, detailed call statistics.

A prospect who contacts a company with no telephone reception will wait 4 rings. After this time, he will hang up. That's why implementing an IVR solution can be so important. Pre-recorded messages can be reassuring for callers.

Thanks to the IVR solution, callers can reach a specialized agent in just a few clicks who knows their situation and needs, and who can help them resolve their situation quickly. The automation of telephone interaction frees agents from repetitive tasks, leading to greater customer satisfaction and a better customer experience.

User-friendliness is one of the keys to your IVR's acceptance by customers. If you can't access a professional recording, you need to make sure that the person recording the messages speaks clearly, without background noise. Feel free to personalize your messages, and prefer your own recordings to text-to-speech.

IVR software can be used in a multitude of contexts. It can be useful in both the private and public sectors. In fact, it can be invaluable for any organization with a regular audience.

An IVR is designed for both small and large businesses.

Automating your communications takes a considerable load off your agents' shoulders. The latter have much more time to process priority requests.

What's more, you'll reduce call waiting times, and greatly improve thecustomer's experience with your company.

The digiCONTACTS team will support you in your call center equipment project.

We'll be happy to study your telephony project and advise you on the solution that best meets your needs.

Deploying a call center solution within an organization is often seen as a purely technical project, and the organizational and human aspects can sometimes be overlooked. Whether you work in an SME or a large corporation, adopting a new corporate telephony tool is not something you can improvise. But it's not that complicated either, as long as you have the right people around you! From drawing up your specifications to training your staff, the digiCONTACTS team is with you every step of the way!

Our aim: to ensure that the implementation of our automatic call distribution software goes as smoothly as possible. We try to ensure that each of your employees quickly gets to grips with how our telephony solution works. Whether at your company or remotely, we'll teach your staff the best practices for using our software to its full potential.

We're with you every step of the way.

Technical support is available 6 days a week from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

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