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Our call center software is designed to make it easy for agents to work remotely and securely. Our 100% hosted solution in SaaS mode is quick to deploy, and will enable you to guarantee fluid communication and an optimal customer experience.

Increase efficiency and flexibility by setting up a teleworking system for your agents.

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The benefits of teleworking software for call centers

Easy remote working

Easy remote working

Your agents will be able to work remotely from anywhere very easily with our 100% SaaS mode software! All you need is a computer, a headset and a stable, secure Internet connection.

Collaborative chat integration

Integration of a collaborative chat tool

We've integrated a collaborative chat function into our software to encourage teamwork and help maintain call center performance.

KPI and performance monitoring

Live KPI and performance monitoring

digiCONTACTS' real-time dashboard helps supervisors track call activity and team performance.

Key features of our call center teleworking software


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR can handle a large number of simultaneous calls without line loss or saturation. It identifies the customer and qualifies their request for rapid transfer to the right advisor.


Automatic caller

To reach your objectives more quickly, digiCONTACTS' omnichannel solution offers 3 numbering modes: progessive, preview and predictive.


Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Intelligent call distribution routes incoming calls directly to the most appropriate available agent. ACD reduces the waiting time for each phone call, improving customer satisfaction and your teams' productivity.


Real-time supervision

Thanks to the real-time dashboard, you can access all your teams' current call flows at a glance, and monitor live performance indicators relevant to your business.


The omnichannel system

Nowadays, customers contact brands via a variety of communication channels, including telephone, email, SMS, web forms, chat, instant messaging and social networks. Thanks to our omnichannel solution, your agents have a 360° view and can unify communication across all channels.


Call recording and playback

These features are essential for training your agents and improving call center service quality.



To optimize your KPIs, rich reporting is an indispensable asset for understanding and improving your agents' performance.

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Reduced drop-out rates

Interfaces with numerous CRM systems

digiCONTACTS teleworking call center solution
Support in setting up the digiCONTACTS solution

Enjoy a fluid, high-performance interface

A 100% SaaS solution, digiCONTACTS call center software enables your agents to make and take calls from home via a fluid, high-performance agent interface.

Benefit from a 100% secure solution

At a time when teleworking is essential, the digiCONTACTS solution, implemented via a VPN connection, is a 100% SaaS solution that centralizes all data online. It enables teams to continue working remotely with direct access to the solution, and thus maintain production.

Support from A to Z by our customer relations experts

The digiCONTACTS team supports your teams from start to finish.

No physical or software installation is required, just a good Internet connection.

What’s more, the working interface remains the same whether you’re in the office or working from home. Agents can therefore access all functions, and supervisors can control activity in real time and remotely.

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All about our teleworking customer relationship solutions

There are many advantages to using teleworking software in a call center.

First of all, it enables efficient and optimized management of incoming and outgoing calls, wherever the agent may be. Call center agents can work remotely, from home for example, thanks to our 100% SaaS call center software.

What's more, offering call center agents greater flexibility in organizing their working hours helps improve their satisfaction and motivation. By using teleworking software, call centers can also benefit from advanced features such as call recording for training and supervision purposes, real-time call monitoring, queue management and much more. All these features help to ensure efficient call management and improve the quality of service offered to customers.

Teleworking software for call centers offers a wide range of functions. For example, it can handle inbound and outbound calls, manage customer relations and improve call center productivity.

Teleworking software for call centers enables you to receive and route incoming calls efficiently, in particular through the use of automatic call distribution software. When a caller contacts the call center, the software automatically identifies the number dialed and routes it to the right agent according to the skills required. What's more, it often features a queue, ensuring that every call received is answered as quickly as possible. As far as outbound calls are concerned, digiCONTACTS outbound call software enables call center agents to initiate telephone calls to prospects or customers.

In terms of supervision, the software also enables supervisors to monitor and coach call center agents remotely. They can listen in on ongoing conversations, provide advice in real time, and monitor call center performance with detailed reports.

The differentiating aspect of call center telecommuting software is that it integrates a 100% secure VPN connection regardless of the call center agent's location, as well as collaborative chat for in-house teams.

Even remotely, your supervisors can log in from home and benefit from the same functionalities as from the office. The working interface remains the same whether you're in the office or working from home.

digiCONTACTS' call center teleworking software enables supervisors to listen in on their agents' conversations and support them during or after the call, offering advice where necessary.

Real-time statistics and access to call records provide a wealth of information. These are used to analyze call campaigns and react accordingly.

While some contact center solutions require additional technology to be installed on personal computers to enable remote access, digiCONTACTS does away with this need altogether.

With just a PC and an Internet connection, your agents can migrate to remote working without service interruption, and your supervisors can easily monitor the activity and performance of their teams using the same technology.

Equipped with the right tools and a stable Internet connection, your agents will be able to support your customers on a daily basis just as they would in a call center.

digiCONTACTS helps companies to optimize their customer service management by providing them with solutions that enable their agents to work as simply and efficiently as possible, whatever the circumstances (on site or teleworking).

With digiCONTACTS, teams can be trained remotely. Supervisors can monitor conversations at any time, and train and advise their agents.

With a dashboard displaying everyone's status in real time, it's easier for supervisors to manage teams. It can also be used to get an overview of agents in the middle of a conversation. It's also a way of finding out what customers want. With this tool, managers are able to coach their teams when needed.

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