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Our Trunk IP offer enables the routing of A to Z terminated communications, as well as the collection of traffic from all types of French and foreign numbers.

We can provide you with telephone numbers and collect incoming call flows for routing to your SIP platform, IPBX, …

Using a multi-operator architecture, we route your calls to all national and international destinations.

Thanks to our interconnection with major operators, we are able to offer the best rates combined with unique voice-over-IP quality. Collection in France and abroad can be on geographic, shared-cost or shared-revenue numbers.

This IP call termination and collection offer is compatible with SIP and IAX protocols.

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Buying low-cost telephone minutes
Our business model is based on the wholesale purchase of communication minutes from operators and the retail resale of these same minutes with a margin that we decide according to the competition in the catchment area.

We deploy our distribution network in several countries: Tunisia, Madagascar, Seychelles, Indian Ocean, … The dynamism of these countries in the field of telemarketing call centers has prompted us to develop specific offers for these companies.

Our main advantages are :
  • Free access to the telephone network.
  • No line costs.
  • Detailed billing.
  • Ultra-low call charges.

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