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Do you want to speed up response times to your customers' requests?

Our instant messaging solution based on the WhatsApp application has been designed to improve your productivity and enable faster, more effective communication with your customers.

Increase your responsiveness and improve the customer experience with our call center software including a WhatsApp instant messaging solution.

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The benefits of instant messaging for your call center

Improve turnaround time on customer queries

Handle short or uncomplicated questions and reduce the low value-added demands generated by inbound phone calls.

Easily keep your customers informed throughout their journey

Easily keep your customers informed throughout their journey

Automate communication on important customer transactions (payment confirmation, delivery tracking, etc.).

Share information quickly with your customers

Share information quickly with your customers

Be more responsive and available than ever with an online solution that makes it easy to share documents, photos or videos with your customers.

Key advanced features of our instant messaging for call centers


Simultaneously connected agents

All agents will be able to connect at the same time from their workstations, simultaneously managing the flow of messages via WhatsApp, as well as incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages and emails.


Task automation

You'll be able to automatically perform and manage all communications via WhatsApp, such as sending and receiving instant documents with customers.


Message personalization

With WhatsApp, you can set up personalized welcome messages, offers, invitations... 70% of consumers say they only interact with personalized messages.


Key performance indicators (KPI)

The real-time dashboard enables supervisors to monitor their agents' performance live. The data enables the supervisor to measure, control and improve call center activity.


Integration with other solutions

WhatsApp is connected to our call center software and even your CRM. A more comprehensive communication system that integrates all communication channels on a single platform.


Free for customers worldwide

WhatsApp is free for the end user. Your customers won't have to pay anything to communicate with your company, even if they contact you from another country. Once the customer contacts you, the conversation remains open for 24 hours.

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Reduced drop-out rates

Interfaces with numerous CRM systems

Why use WhatsApp to manage your customer relations?

Why use WhatsApp in your call center?

High read rate: Your agents’ messages are more likely to be read by your customers with WhatsApp. In fact, message open rates are as high as 98%, because WhatsApp is spam-free!

Faster communication: Users receive an instant alert, in the form of a notification, when a message is received. It is then displayed much faster than an SMS or e-mail.

More personalized communication: Text messages are more personalized than email or SMS. Customers feel more involved in your communications.

Low management costs: Using WhatsApp also brings significant financial benefits. In fact, costs are very low compared with SMS.

How can you integrate WhatsApp into your omnichannel strategy?

The digiCONTACTS solution integrates the WhatsApp instant messaging application, so you can manage interactions with your customers from a single interface.

You’ll be able to find all the information you need to manage your customer relations in a more structured way.

In terms of functionality, using the WhatsApp channel on digiCONTACTS will enable you to quickly identify a customer’s request and provide a timely solution.

Do you want to offer high-quality, efficient and innovative customer service?

So don’t wait any longer: use WhatsApp via our call center software so that your agents can also manage your customersmessages on this channel.

Start improving your customer relations today with digiCONTACTS

All you need to know about integrating an instant messaging solution

A call center instant messaging solution is a communication tool used to facilitate exchanges between agents and customers.

It enables agents to communicate quickly and efficiently with customers, whether through text, voice or video messages. This secure solution integrates with other communication systems and offers fast, high-performance functionality. It contributes to improving the customer experience and agent productivity.

Instant messaging in call centers works by providing a centralized platform where agents can interact with customers from different communication channels. When a customer contacts the call center, whether by phone or email, the agent in charge receives a notification on the instant messaging application. This notification enables the agent to take note of the customer 's request and start interacting with him instantly. If a discussion requires more in-depth interaction, agents can initiate phone or video calls with customers, using the features built into our omnichannel software.

The use of instant messaging offers numerous advantages for improving agent efficiency and productivity, as well as the quality of the services provided.

First and foremost, instant messaging enables fast, efficient communication between call center agents and customers. Messages are exchanged instantaneously, so you can get quick answers to urgent questions. Instant messaging makes it quick and easy to share documents and information in video or image format. File-sharing features make it possible to transfer important information with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to send emails or use other slower communication channels. Last but not least, this solution offers lower costs than an inbound e-mail or telephone solution.

WhatsApp lets you maintain communications with customers seamlessly, but not necessarily in real time.

Your agents will be able to connect at the same time from their workstations, simultaneously managing the flow of WhatsApp messages from customers, as well as incoming and outgoing company calls.

Just like incoming calls, you can set up different ways of distributing WhatsApp within your customer service department.

In this way, you can set up certain agents to receive WhatsApp depending on the type received. The conversation reaches an agent determined by his or her skills.

digiCONTACTS gives you access to key real-time indicators for your instant messaging solutions. A unified approach gives you clear, precise information about your business.

You can view the history and real-time performance of WhatsApp conversations, as well as other channels. The data collected on a daily basis is a real goldmine for your teams. You can then analyze and identify what worked, what didn't and why. Statistical reports help you to improve your service quality, day after day, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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