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SMS solution

Do you want to reach your customers quickly with your campaign?

Efficient and cost-effective, SMS is an easy-to-use tool for your communication, sales or event campaigns .

Its simplicity and speed of deployment are two assets that make this solution an indispensable tool for communicating effectively with your customers and prospects. Add to that a professional emailing solution, and your marketing strategy will be a winner!

With our SMS software, contacting a large number of customers quickly becomes child’s play.

The benefits of using SMS software for your customer relations

Communicate en masse at lower cost

Communicate en masse at lower cost

Reach your customers fast!

SMS open rate

Maximize your chances of being read

With an open rate of over 90%, SMS is one of today's most effective means of communication.

Unclog your customer service

Unclog your customer service

Reduce call volumes and optimize response times with SMS dispatch and notification.

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Advanced features of our SMS sending software


Intelligent SMS routing

For fast, efficient resolutions, route customer text messages to the right agents based on skills, language requirements, priority, availability and more.


Personalized interaction

Use templates to send personalized SMS messages (first name, last name, etc.) and enhance the customer experience with every communication. Engage your customers in conversation and personalize your responses by combining data from your CRM.


Conversational and SMS chat

Get answers from your contacts with SMS Response, and access your recipients' responses in the omnichannel digiCONTACTS interface.


Statistics and reports

Monitor the performance of SMS and all your other channels in real time, and generate comprehensive reports. Use your data to make clear and effective decisions to improve your customer service.


24/7 availability

Give your customers the opportunity to communicate and respond at their convenience. And let your agents take over the conversation in due course.



Align your messages with your brand by having a unique phone number dedicated to sending and receiving SMS messages, with your name on it.



digiCONTACTS helps you manage your customer relations, thanks to a blacklist of users who should not be contacted. All registered users will automatically stop receiving SMS notifications from you.

Boost customer engagement and your business!

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Interfaces with numerous CRM systems

How to use our software for successful SMS campaigns

Integrate an SMS campaign into your marketing strategy

Create targeted SMS campaigns with our sms sending software

SMS sending software offers a wide range of possibilities.

There are 3 categories of business SMS that companies can use:

  • Promotional SMS: sending mass SMS messages to advertise or promote a brand, product or service to prospects and customers.
  • Transactional SMS: message sent automatically following an event (shipment tracking, confirmation of order dispatch, confirmation of delivery of a parcel to a relay point, payment confirmation, transaction security, sending of a temporary access code or password).
  • Conversational SMS: an interactive channel enabling brands to communicate with their customers. The SMS can be sent by the company, to get in touch with its customer, or by the customer himself.

Personalize your SMS messages with our software

All year round, personalized SMS is an ideal way to stand out from your competitors by creating a sense of proximity.

It helps build customer loyalty by sending personalized SMS messages on important dates:

  • Inform about new products and services.
  • Welcome a new customer, celebrate a birthday…
  • Communicate on a promo code…

If your SMS software is linked to your database, you can personalize your messages to deliver unique content for each customer. You can also engage your customers in conversation with links integrated into your SMS campaigns.

Personalized SMS
Automate your SMS campaigns with our software

Automate your SMS campaigns with our software

digiCONTACTS’ omnichannel solution gives your agents a 360° view across all channels: calls, emails, sms, WhatsApp, with a detailed history of each channel.

In this way, your agents can converse with your customers via SMS without having to start from scratch, and then route these conversations to any other channel.

The digiCONTACTS SMS sending software offers features that make it easy to send SMS notifications and conversational SMS messages, thanks to predefined scripts, accompanied personalization and high-performance routing.

Measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns with our software

All SMS channel data is fed directly into analysis and reporting dashboards.

By analyzing these figures, your supervisors are able to adjust their agents’ activity, identify malfunctions and implement corrective actions to improve call center productivity.

Statistical reports help you improve your service quality, day after day, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction!

Start improving your customer relations today with digiCONTACTS

Find out more about our SMS software for customer relations

SMS sending software is a solution for mass or personalized SMS (Short Message Service) broadcasting to keep customers informed.

SMS sending software is particularly useful for companies, call centers and sales or customer service units to communicate with their customers, employees or members directly and instantaneously.

Here are some common features of SMS sending software:

  1. Contact management: create and manage contact lists, making it easy to send messages to specific groups.
  2. Message templates: allow the creation of pre-formatted message templates, simplifying the repeated sending of standardized messages.
  3. Scheduling: They often offer the option of scheduling SMS messages to be sent at a specific date and time.
  4. Personalization: They often allow variables such as the recipient's name to be included to personalize message content.
  5. Sending reports: These usually provide detailed reports on SMS messages sent, indicating which numbers were successfully delivered, which messages failed, etc.
  6. Integration with other systems: Some software can be integrated with other information systems, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management ), for more consistent use of customer data.

Accessible from your digiCONTACTS interface and free of charge (excluding the cost of SMS credits), SMS sending software enables you to generate group or individual SMS messages, instantly or at a later date, in complete autonomy.

All you have to do is upload your contacts to the contact counter software and type in the message you want, then click send.

Setting up SMS campaigns will bring many benefits to your company:

  • Decongest your customer service department: reduce call volumes and optimize response times with SMS notifications.
  • Communicate en masse at lower cost with SMS and email campaigns. Communication tools that are widely used on a daily basis, that are quick to set up and that enable you to contact a large number of your customers quickly.
  • Be sure to be read: with an open rate of over 90%, SMS is one of the most effective means of communication.
  • The time-saving solution: no need to call all your customers one by one!
  • Personalize your messages: combined with your customer database, a targeted SMS marketing campaign enables you to send unique content to each individual.
  • Professionalize your image: SMS campaigns convey a warm, professional and dynamic image of your company.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: customers benefit from a more satisfying experience and better engagement.
  • Reduce operating costs by monopolizing fewer resources.

Thanks to an SMS API, it's possible to integrate the sending of SMS into an application, software or other marketing tools. The SMS API allows great freedom in the use of SMS and enables you to benefit from all the functionalities available on the platform that provides the API.

Email is the historical communication channel in marketing. It allows longer, more detailed information to be transmitted to a large mailing base. SMS, on the other hand, enables more immediate and direct communication.

With its unrivalled deliverability rate, SMS offers more guarantees, as it ensures a higher open rate (+90%) than email (30%), with very simple campaign deployment.

There are several criteria to take into account when selecting SMS software:

  • 24/7 management: access your campaigns and databases from anywhere, anytime.
  • High-value-added functionalities: ergonomics, database import and segmentation, scheduling, campaign automation, message personalization.
  • The proposed rate: It's a good idea to take a close look at the number of messages to be sent, the functions available, the price of the SMS, etc.
  • Availability of customer support: it's great to have someone on hand to help you with any technical problems.

With 15 years' experience in professional telephony, digiCONTACTS offers you a range of tools tailored to your needs.

Opting for contact center software that integrates automated confirmation procedures (email or SMS) is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to database segmentation, you can achieve better targeting and personalize your messages.

Benefit from customized support for your development and customer satisfaction strategy. Available and responsive, the digiCONTACTS teams are ready to listen to your needs and find the ideal solution.

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