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Automotive Customer Relations

Automotive call center software: the solution for your customer relations

digiCONTACTS has developed a software package for automotive call centers, in which the various modules specific to a call center are presented, to enable companies in the automotive sector to create their own in-house telemarketing unit, whatever their size, and at lower cost.

For a long time, customer relations were underestimated by players in the automotive sector: manufacturers, equipment suppliers, dealers…

digiCONTACTS offers you high quality automotive expertise with a perfect mastery of marketing, IT and telephone tools for :

  • Audit your existing customer strategy .
  • Measure your information needs (switchboard, incoming calls, customer emails, workshop or VN-VO appointments, satisfaction surveys, customer service, etc.)
  • Optimize or create your own customer relations unit, from 1 advisor upwards, depending on your needs.

Implement a high-quality customer relations strategy

Increase traffic to your dealership

Increase traffic to your dealership

Quickly and easily process and track your incoming leads and appointments, and optimize your conversion rate on a daily basis.

Respond faster to your customers

Respond faster to your customers

Centralize incoming contacts, process leads efficiently and manage your business in real time with our call center software.

Omnichannel Solution

Communicate your new products more easily

Thanks to our automotive call center software, you can keep your prospects and customers informed of your latest news through a variety of communication channels (SMS, email, Whatsapp, etc.).

Tressol Chabrier Group
"digiCONTACTS knows the field. Its speed of development and responsiveness are valuable assets for professionals anxious to improve their processes. "

Nathalie Marlier

Director, Autocom Solutions
Tressol Chabrier Group call center

They honor us with their loyalty: dealerships and automotive groups

The best features of our automotive call center software


Call routing

Route calls according to the caller's choice: the system receives incoming calls and transfers them to the right advisor according to predefined criteria.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Dispatch incoming calls with choices made by voice or via the phone's keypad. In this way, you can offer a seamless, tailored customer experience.



Our call center software centralizes all customer relations channels in a single interface (calls, SMS, emails, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.). This gives your agents a 360° view of customers, their history and their interactions, and enables them to unify communication across all channels.


Real-time supervision

Complete visibility of activity and results in real time enable supervisors to make optimizations and take the best decisions.


Performance statistics

Use the dashboard to assess your agents' service levels and performance. Track relevant call center KPIs and use quantitative and qualitative data to adjust your action plans.


Listening, blowing and recording

Improve your call center's service quality and the training of your sales team. They enable you to better control your agents' speech and support them when dealing with difficult calls.


Integration with your business tools

Create synergy between your business tools and simplify your day-to-day management. Improve efficiency and productivity!


Sales appointment scheduling

Connect salespeople's agendas and distribute appointments as you wish.

Develop your sales and prospect more effectively

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"Whether before the implementation, during the training or when supporting the teams at the launch, everything was managed with great professionalism and the benevolent pursuit of the project's success. "

Marc Guilbert

Parts and Services Manager
Caillé Auto

Interfaces with a wide range of DMSs and business CRMs

Deliver a customer experience that matches your ambitions

Internalize your customer relations unit

You’ll learn a lot from internalizing your customer relations unit. This choice is often preferable from the outset, as the call center is a gateway to the company, a showcase that it’s best to keep under control.

The creation of a call center could be a boon for your dealership or automotive group.

With the implementation of a customer relationship management solution, you will be able to :

  • Increase your sales through workshop attendance.
  • Reinforce your brand image and promote your activities.
  • Manage customer satisfaction (surveys).
  • Respond quickly to RCs.
  • Handle your Internet contacts and requests for appointments, documentation, etc.

Our digiCONTACTS experts with in-depth experience of the automotive sector will help you set up your own telemarketing unit, whatever the size of your organization, and at the lowest possible cost.

Easily manage your prospecting campaigns

digiCONTACTS has developed automotive call center software that enables sales teams to manage various types of outbound and inbound campaigns with complete peace of mind.

Our automotive call center software allows you to :

  • Gaining in productivity
  • Increase your service quality
  • Manage your business effectively
  • Personalize your customer relations
  • Retain and win new customers

digiCONTACTS offers a no-obligation SaaS (hosted) licensing contract for the use of its software at an affordable price and without modifying your initial architecture.

Now in its 4th version, the software is regularly updated with new features.

Easily manage your prospecting campaigns

Automate your customer management tasks

If your employees are often on the line with your customers, choosing high-performance automotive call center software is essential for your business.

To manage your incoming calls: with our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution, you can control your organization’s call flow by automating telephone reception, and qualify your callers’ requests in order to redirect them as effectively as possible to the appropriate agents.

For managing your outbound calls: different dialing modes (predictive, progressive and preview) enable you to extend your operations, automate mundane tasks and provide reports that can help you make strategic business decisions.

Our solution offers you a single interface to manage all your omnichannel customer relations: start the conversation with a chat, continue with a call, and reach your customers on all their preferred channels: SMS, email, Whatsapp, etc.

Automation technology makes work faster and easier.
This can improve the efficiency of your call center.

By using our automotive call center software, you’re guaranteed to improve the customer experience and make your staff’s work easier!

Start improving your customer relations today with digiCONTACTS

All about our automotive call center software

An automotive call center groups together the agents of an automotive company, whose activity consists of answering incoming calls from customers or contacting prospects by outgoing calls, sms, emails, and/or via social networks.

Setting up an in-house call center in a car dealership can be beneficial for :

  • Promote your activities.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your workshops, body shops, PR stores or VN-VO showrooms.
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Inform and respond quickly to customer complaints.
  • Handle your Internet contacts and requests for appointments or documentation.
  • Manage your manufacturer and advertiser leads.
  • Manage call overflow at peak times.
  • Suggest a test drive.
  • Track and process your lost calls.

The automotive call center offers a wide range of services to make the difference and deliver tangible feedback on the customer experience.

In the automotive sector, if you use call center software, your sales relationship will be improved for 2 reasons:

  • You'll be able to better qualify leads: your agents will qualify the needs of their contacts and identify them (contact details, need for a new or used vehicle, requests for servicing, requests for financing, etc.). Once the lead has been qualified, you can then entrust it to the right sales person to meet the customer's expectations. This upstream qualification is essential for better internal organization and for meeting appointments.
  • You'll be available to meet your customers' needs: it's important for your car dealership to be contactable to ensure customer satisfaction. Incoming calls will be routed to the right sales advisors to best meet customer expectations.

A centralized call center offers the advantage of tracking and measuring all your customer service interactions.
Use statistics to measure the effectiveness of your outbound call campaigns. View and analyze the performance of your campaigns using graphs and charts to track their success.

digiCONTACTS offers a no-obligation SaaS (hosted) licensing contract for the use of its software at an affordable price and without modifying your initial architecture.

After jointly defining your needs, we can get your customer service up and running fast. We take care of everything, from project design and infrastructure installation to training.

digiCONTACTS has been developing its expertise in the automotive market for a number of years, and counts the following groups among its customers: Stellantis, Tressol-Chabrier, Mary, Gemy, Jean Lain, the Odity multi-channel contact center, which counts several automotive brands among its customers...

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