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Our call center software is designed to boost your productivity, ensure your business visibility and boost your sales.

Adopt our call center solution to manage your business

  • Omnichannel solution: manage all interactions with your customers or prospects across all communication channels.
  • Predictive dialing for your outbound call campaigns: increase your contact rates and agent productivity.
  • Single interface: manage all your prospects, contacts and account information within a single platform, so you get the full context before a call.
  • Customized dash boards: create customized dashboards with widgets to monitor appointment targets, advisor activity, etc.
  • Activity reports: access ready-to-use reports on key metrics such as calls made, appointments taken, appointments completed, etc.
digiCONTACTS omnichannel customer relationship solution

Interfaces with numerous CRM systems

Key features of our call center software

Creation of digiCONTACTS call campaigns

Creation of call campaigns

Create call campaigns quickly and easily. Automatically load your call files from a CSV file or from your CRM. Use all channels: phone, email, sms, whatsapp.

Outbound call engine

Automatically initiate calls from a list of telephone numbers loaded into our call center software. 3 dialing modes: preview, progressive and predictive.

Call script

You can integrate a telephone interview guide to optimize your sales reps’ sales efficiency.

Supervision tools

Supervise your sales force’s activity in real time, via a customizable dashboard featuring several widgets, and interact with them (listening, blowing, …).

CRM and business tools integration

Our call center software integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing you to personalize your exchanges with customers/prospects.

Performance statistics

Statistical data gives you a complete overview of your sales force’s activity and performance.

digiCONTACTS supervision tools
digiCONTACTS: why choose our call center software?

Why choose our digiCONTACTS software for your industry?

  • Quick remote (or on-site) installation.
  • Suitable for telecommuting.
  • A unique interface.
  • No-commitment offer in SaaS mode (monthly billing + details of your communications).
  • Omnichannel solution (voice, SMS, email, Whatsapp).
  • Create and manage your campaigns.
  • CRM / Business tools integration.
  • Automatic caller.
  • Dashboard / Supervision tools: listening, blowing, recording.
  • Reporting / Statistics.
  • Worldwide voice quality.
  • Special numbers / Local numbers.
  • Support throughout your use.

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