Groupe Caillé Auto: Distrigo platform

Groupe Caille auto plateforme distrigo
The Caillé Automobiles Group

The Caillé Automobiles Group Presentation of the Caillé Group

Groupe Caillé is a century-old family-owned group from Reunion Island, specializing in import-distribution in the automotive and mass-market sectors, and representing the following brands: PromoCash, Leader Price, Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugeot, Porsche, Kia, DS Automobiles, MG, Opel, Alpha Roméo, Abarth, Fiat, Midas, ADA and Jules Caillé Auto.


Groupe Caillé, on the recommendation of Stellantis, decided to equip itself with our call center solution to support its customers both on technical issues and in proposing appropriate commercial offers.

Why did you choose digiCONTACTS?

“Apart from the fact that this program is an integral part of the package offered by Stellantis for its Distrigo platforms, I was more interested in the fact that I had seen your solution working for some of my colleagues, and I quickly imagined the benefits we could derive from it. And this in terms of comfort and efficiency for our customers, employees and managers alike.

How did the set-up go?

“Whether before the implementation, during the training or when supporting the teams at the launch, everything was managed with great professionalism and the benevolent pursuit of the project’s success.

The results observed since using digiCONTACTS

What benefits have you seen since installation?
“Multiple :
Quality of service to our customers through efficiency and professionalism.
Creation of a team of Calleurs with a common goal and a real customer spirit.
Internally, we have freed up our standards.
In terms of customer management, our manager is aware of every single malfunction and knows how to deal with them quickly.
Coming up: an increase in our Business, but we’ll have to wait a little longer for that! “

Would you recommend digiCONTACTS?

“YES, and it’s already done! “