What are VoIP solutions and IP telephony?

What are VoIP solutions and IP telephony?
Did you know: your broadband Internet connection can enable you to make calls.

Simpler and more economical than a traditional telephone line, VoIP or IP telephony lets you optimize your customer relations via the Internet.

Explanations with digiCONTACTS, the VoIP call expert.

VoIP and IP telephony: the Internet for making calls

With telephony over IP (Internet Protocol) or VoIP (Voice Over IP), you can use the Internet to make phone calls.

The concept is identical to what is offered today by telecom boxes for private customers. It's as simple as that! Of course, we're talking here about several simultaneous lines of communication, not just one.

To take advantage of this technology, you need a high-speed (ADSL or SDSL) or very high-speed (fiber optic) Internet connection.

VoIP solutions for call centers: customer relations via the Internet

The VoIP call center solution consists of an IP switchboard (IPBX) and IP telephone extensions. It replaces the classic analog solution and offers a number of additional benefits:

  • free, unlimited VoIP calls between all entities ;
  • unlimited number of positions ;
  • intuitive operation via the Internet ;
  • regular addition of new features;
  • and of course: the elimination of "classic" telephone subscriptions;

With VoIP, you can better meet your customers' needs.

So don't wait any longer to modernize your business telephony with the digiCONTACTS experts. They are at your disposal to support you from the study of your needs to the configuration of your call center.