Our car dealership call software

Our car dealership call software
Do you work in a car dealership and want to integrate call software to optimize your customer relations?

digiCONTACTS has developed a 100% open, high-performance and scalable telephony solution. Discover our call software for car dealerships and professionalize your customer relations!

The benefits of car dealership call software

Setting up call software in your car dealership is first and foremost about making your day-to-day life easier. Telephone prospecting, switchboard management, information centralization, interactive voice server...

Are you often at customer appointments or busy in the workshops with mechanics? Choose efficient call software to optimize your productivity.

It's also a genuine sales management tool. By choosing a call center solution to internalize your customer relations unit, you make it easier to manage customer satisfaction. By doing so, you increase the number of visitors to your workshops, and therefore your sales.

The digiCONTACTS call center solution

digiCONTACTS offers you personalized support for the installation of a call center solution. Thanks to our recognized expertise in the automotive sector, we can create a telemarketing cell tailored to your needs and constraints.

Quality monitoring, overflow, traffic generation or loyalty... Whatever your needs, our
automotive contact center software
enables you to increase your quality of service and personalize your customer relations.