Our 3 tips for satisfying customers through live chat

Our 3 tips for satisfying customers through live chat
Find out how live chat can improve the customer experience.

digiCONTACTS , your privileged partner for customer relationship management, gives you 3 tips on chat.
Objectives: satisfy your customers and improve your sales.

Live chat at just the right moment

The first step in creating a chatroom is to integrate it seamlessly into your site.
To do this, we recommendanalyzing the pages on which it is most relevant.

Next, you need to determine the function of the live chat expected by customers on the page: selection assistance, after-sales service...

Finally, the chat window must be positioned so as not to interfere with navigation.

This gives your customers a support tool that intervenes at just the right moment in their journey.

Please note: automatic invitations are not recommended. Indeed, if none of your agents are available, your customer's experience is disappointing.

An appropriate chat tone

Your agents also need to adapt their approach to this new form of communication.

To establish a climate of trust, they are advised toopt for a professional, yet more friendlytone .

You can also prepare predefined answers to speed up service.

Direct chat that adapts to any situation

You can also advise your customer to use an alternative contact method in certain situations.

Live chat conversations need to be concise and non-technical.
In this way, your customer benefits from the best support solution for his request.

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