Interactive Voice Response: benefits for the banking sector

Interactive Voice Response: benefits for the banking sector
Do you work in the banking sector and are looking for solutions to equip your employees?

When it comes to telecommunications, there are many innovations that can improve your working conditions and customer relations. digiCONTACTS invites you to discover the advantages of an interactive voice server.

What is an IVR?

An interactive voice server, or IVR, is a telephony tool that lets you transfer and receive calls via a redirection system optimized to handle all your calls. An intelligent interactive voice server redirects incoming calls to the appropriate services.
This is a real asset for the banking sector, given the various services provided by a bank.

IVR requires a good understanding of your needs, and is deployed after careful consideration, establishing a number of possible scenarios for your customer journey. Ask our advisors about our interactive voice server for your bank.

The benefits of IVR

In addition to making life easier for your staff, who only receive calls directly intended for them, the IVR helps your customers to be directed quickly and efficiently to the service that will meet their questions and needs. It's an essential tool for ensuring a high-quality customer experience.

Did you know that a new customer costs much more than retaining your regular customers?
Increase your sales by building long-term customer loyalty with simple tools like IVR. Saving time and money, it's a must-have in today's banking sector.