The benefits of IVR for the automotive sector

The benefits of IVR for the automotive sector
All too often underestimated, customer relations remain a formidable growth driver for automotive professionals.

digiCONTACTS reveals the benefits of interactive voice response for efficient customer management.

The definition of an interactive voice server

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephone call management system that automatically handles interaction with callers, transferring them to the appropriate service.

Deploying an interactive voice server within your company requires a partner who not only masters marketing, IT and telephony tools, but also has expertise in the automotive sector. In fact, setting up an effective IVR requires :

  • An audit of your current strategy
  • A precise analysis of your needs
  • Creating your customer relations unit

The benefits of interactive voice response

  • Keep control of your customer relations

When you decide to outsource your customer relations to a call center, you run the risk that your brand image will be tarnished, or that the person you speak to won't be familiar with the automotive sector.

With an interactive voice response system, you can maintain control internally and give your customers all the attention they deserve to build loyalty and increase sales.

  • Better control

With an IVR, you can keep on top of contact requests and direct your customers directly to the right service. Your staff will be more efficient, and you'll improve customer satisfaction thanks to rapid response to their needs.

What's more, you have access to analysis tools that enable you to study your call statistics and professionalize your customer relations.

Convinced by the many benefits of IVR? Take a look at our contact center solutions for the automotive sector and request a demonstration today.