The role of customer relations in the insurance sector

The role of customer relations in the insurance sector

Customer relations are essential in all business sectors, including insurance. That's why more and more insurers are recruiting account managers to take care of their prospects. Discover the role of relationships in the insurance industry.

Customer relations as part of prospecting

As in other fields, prospecting is crucial in the insurance industry. Often, prospecting managers contact prospects who have asked to be called back from the website. In this case, their role is to provide information on the offers on offer and answer any questions prospects may have.

This is the first contact with customers. That's why this task is of the utmost importance. This is where trust is born.

Helping customers choose their offers

When it comes to insurance, assistance is essential. Customer advisors are on hand to help prospects with any queries they may have. Their mission is to help customers find the offer that best meets their needs.

With so many offers on the market, it's difficult for customers to identify the right package for them. This is where assistance is essential. Customer advisors are experts in their field, able to help customers identify offers that meet both their expectations and their budget.

Managing customer requests and files

The main role of a customer advisor is to respond to customers' various queries: complaints, requests for refunds, changes to personal information, etc., following the company's internal procedures.
What's more, when a claim occurs, prospects need someone to listen to them and tell them what they need to do to obtain compensation. Account managers take care of these tasks.

By interacting so much with prospects, account managers come to know their files by heart. It is therefore up to these professionals to monitor their customers' files, to ensure that they take advantage of their offers in compliance with all contractual clauses.