The impact of artificial intelligence on customer relations

The impact of artificial intelligence on customer relations
With the development of new technologies like the Internet, customer relations are changing, and companies need to adapt.

digiCONTACTS explains the impact of these new technologies on customer relations.

The benefits of artificial intelligence in customer relations

Customer relations are a constantly evolving field: the Internet, e-mail, forums, social networks, chatbots... The points of contact are as numerous as the customer profiles. For companies, it's a question of adapting and processing each request as efficiently and personally as possible, by taking advantage of these new technologies.

The digitization of channels enables them to sort, categorize and analyze large quantities of data collected from prospects. By centralizing all this information in a single, instantly accessible database, sales reps can react quickly and appropriately to prospects' needs. This optimizes prospect conversion and customer loyalty. All these elements contribute to improving the quality of customer relations.

digiCONTACTS customer relationship solutions

digiCONTACTS offers you an innovative call center solution to optimize the efficiency and quality of your customer relations.

For example, improve the customer experience by automatically directing calls from your reception number to the right person using an interactive voice server (IVR).

You can also optimize the efficiency of your contact center by redistributing interactions to less expensive, more easily personalized communication channels such as e-mail or SMS.