The main advantages of telephone prospecting in customer relations

Telephone prospecting software: what are the advantages?

Why equip your call center with telesales software?

digiCONTACTS, the telemarketing software specialist, presents the advantages of this solution for managing outbound calls.

Use prospecting software to maximize your contact rate

digiCONTACTS call center software is based on several technologies to ensure fast, efficient contact taking:

  • a stable connection thanks to IP telephony and the Internet ;
  • answering machine and busy number detection;
  • predictive numbering;
  • automated reminder management.

With this solution, you maximize your contact rate because 100% of your outgoing calls are successful.

You can also benefit from significant productivity gains for your agents, and track campaign statistics in real time.

Build loyalty and win new contacts with telesales software

digiCONTACTS telemarketing software is an intuitive tool for your teams, enabling you to attract and retain qualified customers.

It includes the ability to :

  • create customized qualification forms;
  • have a complete file on your customer every time you call;
  • help your agent remotely over the phone if needed.

Other features of this prospecting software, such as recording, are also sources of learning for your teams.

Don’t wait any longer to equip yourself with digiCONTACTS telemarketing software. Benefit from an efficient, customized solution!