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Personnalisez l’expérience de vos clients dans leur parcours digital

Deliver a superior omnichannel customer experience

" Customers are more experienced and better informed than they used to be " is what 76% of customer service professionals believe, according to Hubspot. 
Considered " omniconsumers " today, customers are accustomed to using multiple communication channels, at all stages of their customer journey.

An omnichannel customer experience combines the simultaneous use of different channels. Respond to your customers' requests by being available and reactive on all communication channels: phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, ...

With the implementation of an omnichannel strategy, you will be able to personalize the experience and the customer relationship according to the different behaviors of your customers.

Manage your customer relationship within a single interface!

To deliver a quality customer experience, manage all your customer conversations within a single interface with our digiCONTACTS call center solution:
  • Inbound calls: intelligently route each call to the most appropriate agent.
  • Outbound calls: increase your agents' productivity with predictive dialing.
  • Emails: unclog your customer service, automate your processes.
  • SMS: reduce call volume and easily converse with your customers.
  • WhatsApp: give your customers the choice to chat via instant messaging.
digiCONTACTS interface omnicanale
Expérience client omnicanale

Personalize your customers' journey and improve their experience

Quickly identify incoming calls by redirecting them to the most qualified agents to answer their requests. Automate the distribution of calls to your employees according to established rules: availability, skills, languages, etc.

With our call center solution, manage the routing of calls, but also queues, deterrence or overflow of calls during peak loads.

Interfacing with many business CRMs

Efficy CRM
Sopra Banking CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Sugar CRM

Monitor your performance on all channels in real time

From a dashboard, analyze the performance of your team: control incoming and outgoing calls, calls on hold, missed calls, number of received/treated sms, etc.

The general supervision interface allows you to monitor in real time your telephone activity and the productivity of your agents.

At any time, the supervisor can interact with the agents during a call, being able to advise them, help them or even participate in the conversation.
digiCONTACTS interface supervision
Analyser les résultats de votre centre de contacts : appels, agents, etc.

Analyze your contact center results

The supervisor can access, from the statistics control panel, complete and detailed reports on all contact center activities (calls made and received, etc.) by being able to filter according to several criteria, for example: by time slot (days, weeks or years), by agent, by groups of agents on the same queue, etc.

The supervisor can also access statistics specific to each agent. The agent performance report allows you to see (by schedule, day, month...) the volume of calls handled, their duration, unanswered calls, and the waiting time for the customer until the agent answers the call.

Detailed reports can be exported in excel or pdf format.

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