Relation client dans le secteur de l'outsourcing

Adoptez une approche tout-en-un pour la gestion de votre relation client


Offer a quality customer service

Are you an outsourced call center and need to manage interactions for different companies/brands?

Offering a quality customer service on all interaction channels in several geographical areas requires adapted solutions!

digiCONTACTS, expert in customer relationship management, allows you to offer a customized customer service, on all channels, by offering a solution designed for outsourcing call centers.

Simplify your call center management

Une vue 360° pour vos agents

Use an omnichannel solution

Communicate from a single interface and give your consultants a 360° view of the customer's history.
Pilotez votre activité

Manage your business

Supervise your agents with a global view of their activities, whether they are on site or remotely.
Analysez vos résultats en temps réel

Analyze your performance

Measure your priority KPIs in real time and monitor the quality of your contact center live. 

Interfacing with many CRMs

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Increase the quality of your customer relationship

Call center supervisors have access to a range of tools to support your agents and improve your customer satisfaction!
  • Dashboard: access customizable dashboards and supervise your agents with a global view of their activity.
  • Supervision tools: support your agents with real-time supervision and help them through our listening, blowing and recording tools.
Our solution combines operational simplicity and customer satisfaction!
digiCONTACTS outils de supervision
digiCONTACTS résultats en hausse !

Get concrete results!

Our call center solution offers your agents, on site or in telecommuting, features to provide your customers with fast and relevant answers on all communication channels: voice, email, SMS, ...

By adopting our call center solution, our customers have noticed :
  • Increased productivity: thanks to the intelligent features and flexibility of our omnichannel solution, you will see an improvement in the efficiency of your agents.
  • Controlled costs: simply manage your call center costs thanks to our ultra competitive pricing and our no commitment offer! Monthly invoicing + details of your communications.
  • A better quality of customer relationship: the supervision and monitoring tools will allow you to accurately manage your activity and ensure the quality of your services.

Why choose our digiCONTACTS solution for your business?

  • Fast remote (or on-site) installation.
  • A unique and intuitive interface.
  • Offer without commitment in SaaS mode (monthly billing + details of your communications).
  • Omnichannel solution (voice, SMS, email, Whatsapp).
  • Creation and management of your campaigns.
  • CRM / business tools integration.
  • Intelligent calls (dialing modes)
  • Supervision tools: listening, blowing, recording, ...
  • Transparency: reporting tools.
  • Voice quality anywhere in the world.
  • Special numbers / Local numbers.
  • Accompaniment throughout your use. Technical support is available 6 days a week from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to midnight.
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