Relation client dans le secteur assurance et banque

Logiciel de centre d'appels pour les assurances et les banques

Relation Client assurance et banque

Digitalize your customer experience

Nowadays, traditional banks and insurance companies are competing with new players that offer services exclusively online or via a mobile application.

In order to gain the trust of their customers and to conquer new ones, banks as well as insurance companies have to digitalize their customer relationship to offer a better customer experience.

Optimize your telephone reception with the implementation of an IVR

Quickly direct your customers to the most competent advisor to meet their needs thanks to the implementation of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

The IVR gives autonomy to customers and allows to establish efficient customer paths. The IVR aims to reduce waiting time by optimally managing queues and call redirections. It guarantees an uninterrupted telephone reception, especially in the evening and on weekends.

The IVR can give access to predefined answers in an automated way: RIB request, account consiltation, ...

In conclusion, the IVR aims to improve the customer experience and optimize your customer relationship management!

To offer a smooth and optimal customer experience, you need to spend time developing your IVR. Do not hesitate to contact our experts to create the IVR that fits your strategy and your customers' expectations.
SVI pour les banques et assurances
digiCONTACTS interface omnicanale

Opt for a single interface to manage your customer relations

Our digiCONTACTS call center software provides a single interface to manage your entire omnichannel customer relationship: start the conversation with a chat, continue with a call, and reach your customers on all their preferred channels.

In addition, our call center software integrates with your business CRM and custom application to manage any interaction with your customers.

Interfacing with many business CRMs

Efficy CRM
Sopra Banking CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Sugar CRM

Support your teams in real time

Supervise the performance and quality of your activity with powerful tools: the volume of incoming calls, the occupancy rate of the agents and all the indicators allowing you to pilot the activity of the agents and to optimize the handling of the calls.

Team up for important calls with your agents to find the right solutions in stressful situations thanks to the listening/blowing tools.
digiCONTACTS interface supervision

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