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Why choose digiCONTACTS customer service software?

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Are you looking for concrete and sustainable solutions to improve your customer relations service?

digiCONTACTS offers you an ultra-customized software that meets your needs and increases your performance.

Discover all the possible improvements thanks to a software at the cutting edge of innovation.

Revolutionize your customer service

Change your work methodology to gain in productivity and simplify all your daily missions.

The digiCONTACTS customer service software centralizes your actions by combining simplicity, efficiency and comfort. It is ergonomic and ensures a quick learning curve for your teams.

Adapted to all fields, it can accompany all jobs that put in condition of customer contact.

Take advantage of numerous functionalities by managing your incoming calls, outgoing calls, SMS, emails and IVR on the same platform.
Pilot all your activities and benefit from a real overview of your actions and their performance thanks to digiCONTACTS customer service software.

You are in charge of an after-sales service or a team of sales representatives who need a software to help with prospecting? digiCONTACTS has what you need and offers you a solution entirely designed to boost your acquisitions.

Interfacing with many CRMs

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Features of the software

To meet all your needs, digiCONTACTS customer service software is optimized to simplify all your tasks. You need to manage your activity, centralize a database of prospects, build customer loyalty or automate call campaigns? The software allows you to do all this in no time.

At the service of your development and your performance, the digiCONTACTS software improves the productivity of your teams and makes the work of your sales representatives more fluid. digiCONTACTS analyzes your needs and offers you a demonstration to test the software and verify that it corresponds to your expectations. The experts of the telephony in company set up your solution quickly, on the spot or remotely, and propose a technical support to the listening throughout your use.

Carry out telesales operations with complete peace of mind, create traffic efficiently and easily book your appointments and orders on the software. Real support in terms of file qualification, the software allows you to animate networks and generate a real relationship of proximity with your prospects.

Don't let an opportunity to build customer loyalty slip away! On PC and remotely, the software lightens the workload of your collaborators and generates real positive results.
Support technique digiCONTACTS

digiCONTACTS support

Accompagnement digiCONTACTS
Benefit from a close follow-up with digiCONTACTS' specialists. For over 14 years, digiCONTACTS offers innovative solutions based on your needs and expectations. A team of technicians advises you 6 days a week and ensures a perfect functioning of the software with a faultless reactivity.

Trust the experts and entrust your customer service to a committed team that offers effective training and adaptability. Be operational quickly and benefit from convincing results. Call digiCONTACTS now!

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