Logiciel centre d'appels pour le recouvrement

Optimisez votre recouvrement téléphonique

Logiciel centre d'appels pour le recouvrement

Improve your collection strategy

Despite all your precautions, you are probably, like any company, sometimes confronted with late payments.

Indeed, some of your customers wait for you to remind them, for their own reasons, before paying their invoice. You must therefore be perfectly organized in terms of payment follow-up in order to be able to proceed with a reminder.

With our call center software, you can maximize your collection rate through targeted and automated call / SMS / email campaigns.

Maximize your recovery rates

Améliorez vos taux de recouvrement

Increase the efficiency of your agents

Improve your reachability rates on the right callers by adopting our predictive caller automation. You considerably improve the comfort and productivity of your agents.
Solution omnicanale

Adopt an omnichannel call center solution

Our omnichannel solution allows your agents to contact customers on multiple channels: phone, email, SMS,... and thus increase your collection rates.
Script / argumentaire d'appel

Use the dynamic call script

Thanks to the integration with your CRM and management tools, your agents work in a single interface with a personalized sales script for each of your customers.

Interfacing with many CRMs

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Analyze the performance of your collection team in real time

Monitor agent activity in real time to improve collection center performance.

Get quick access to your collection team's performance data: monitor outbound calls from an easy-to-use interface.

The supervision interface shows in real time many indicators on outbound contacts on all channels: phone, email, SMS,...

All your KPis are available in a single interface to facilitate decision making and improve the performance of your collection department.
Interface de supervision digiCONTACTS
Les atouts de notre solution digiCONTACTS pour votre service recouvrement

Our assets for a successful debt collection!

  • Quick remote installation (or on site).
  • Offer without commitment in SaaS mode (monthly billing).
  • Omnichannel solution (voice, SMS, email, Whatsapp).
  • CRM / business tools integration.
  • Automation of collection campaigns with choice of dialing mode (preview, progressive or predictive).
  • Computer-telephony coupling.
  • Call script editor.
  • Call recording.
  • Listening, whispering and internal chat functionalities.
  • Real time supervision.
  • Call statistics / KPI analysis / Reporting.
  • Voice quality anywhere in the world.
  • Special numbers / Local numbers.
  • Accompaniment throughout your use. Technical support is available 6 days a week from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to midnight.

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