Basculez vos agents en télétravail


Give your agents the option to work remotely

The health crisis of 2019 has profoundly shaken up corporate benchmarks and the relationship between brands and customers.
This has encouraged an unprecedented expansion of telecommuting. All organizations have had to rethink the way they operate.

Today, teleworking has become commonplace in many companies. To meet this demand, digiCONTACTS assists your agents in the implementation of telework.

Ensure optimal service quality even in times of crisis

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to telecommute.
And if there is a field where remote work has proven its worth, it is Customer Relations.

A 100% SaaS solution, the digiCONTACTS call center software allows your agents to make and take calls from home via the digiCONTACTS agent interface. 

At a time when telecommuting is essential, the digiCONTACTS solution set up via a VPN connection is a 100% SaaS mode solution that centralizes all data online. It allows teams to continue working remotely with direct access to the solution, and thus maintain production.

The advantages of our telecommuting solution:
  • Quick installation: your agents can work anywhere. They must be equipped with a computer, a headset (or phone) and a stable and secure internet connection.
  • The chat tool integrated into our software allows for collaborative work within the team and contributes to maintaining the performance of the contact center.
  • The digiCONTACTS real-time dashboard helps supervisors monitor their call activity and team performance.
Solution centre d'appels digiCONTACTS en télétravail

digiCONTACTS accompanies you in the implementation of the telework of your employees

The digiCONTACTS solution is both flexible and quick to deploy. The entire digiCONTACTS team accompanies your teams from start to finish!

No physical or software installation is necessary, you just need to have a good internet connection.

Moreover, the work interface remains the same whether you are in the office or at home. The agents can therefore access all the functionalities and the supervisors can control the activity in real time and remotely.
Accompagnement dans la mise en place de la solution digiCONTACTS

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