La VOIP au service de votre téléphonie d'entreprise

Your customized business telephony solution!

The IPBX is becoming increasingly popular with companies thanks to its low communication costs and the large number of features it offers.
It has become much more than a tool to put two people in touch with each other. The company switchboard allows you to benefit from a professional image, to optimize call management and to adapt perfectly to any technological environment.

With this in mind, we have developed a solution for companies wishing to acquire a high-performance switchboard.

Connected to the telephone network via the Internet, the IPBX allows to:
  • Replace the old analog standards (PABX).
  • Carry the voice over IP.
  • Save on installation and communications.
  • To evolve in number of telephone stations.
You wish to :
  • Change your telephone switchboard?
  • Host your IPBX?
  • Manage your telephony?
  • Create a multi-site network?

Your reliable business IP telephony solution

Simple and economical

  • Delivery, installation and configuration by our engineers.
  • Unique, simple and intuitive web interface.
  • Same features as your old PBX.
  • Remote maintenance and updates.
  • Elimination of your telephone subscriptions.
  • Communications at the best price.
  • No wiring, everything goes through your existing network.
  • Quick payback.
  • Free and unlimited calls between all entities.

Convergent and scalable

  • Reception of faxes and voice messages by email.
  • Interconnection with your business applications.
  • New features specific to IP telephony.
  • Web interface for communication monitoring.
  • Unlimited number of extensions.
  • Solution in constant evolution.

The features of our phoning software


File d'attente

Si vous souhaitez proposer un service de Hotline, les appels entrants seront placés dans une file d'attente.

Enregistrement des appels

D'une simple combinaison de touches, vous lancez l'enregistrement de la conversation en cours.

Fax to Mail /Mail to Fax

Vos fax vous sont envoyés sur votre e-mail au format PDF. Vous économisez en papier et n'imprimez que l'essentiel.

Voice mail

Vous recevez vos messages vocaux par e-mail. Ainsi vous pouvez les consulter, quelque soit le lieu où vous vous trouvez.

Musique d'attente

Votre musique d'attente peut être personnalisée selon vos goûts, vos services, votre actualité et changée fréquemment.

Intégration avec un progiciel

Vos fax vous sont envoyés sur votre e-mail au format PDF. Vous économisez en papier et n'imprimez que l'essentiel

SVI : Serveur Vocal Interactif

Vos interlocuteurs sont accueillis et dirigés par un menu de navigation.

Conf Call / Conférence

Créez autant de conférences que vous le souhaitez, le nombre de participants est illimité.


Les téléphones IP sont connectés à l'IPBX via Internet, les appels sont illimités et totalement gratuits.

Company telephony solution: digiCONTACTS supports you

Support for the implementation of the solution

Our IP business telephony solutions are adapted to the demands of each customer by offering a personalized, efficient and economical service.

We assist you in your business telephony optimization projects by ensuring continuity between your information system, your strategy and your activities.

The audit allows to have a synthesis of your current solution of telephony used within your company, the positive points and the points of improvement to bring. This will allow us to have a global view of your future needs and advise you.

The objective of our mission is therefore to define areas of improvement and to make recommendations in the process of selecting the business telephony solution best suited to your needs.
Specialist in corporate telephony networks for over 14 years, digiCONTACTS is the ideal partner to implement and maintain your equipment. 

Once the new IP telephony solution is deployed in your company and according to your needs, we can adapt the training: on site or remotely. We train your team to use the configuration interface of the installed IPBX solution.

Throughout your project of company telephony, digiCONTACTS experts offer you a customized support for the formalization of your needs, the collection of information, the piloting and the follow-up of the deployment.

A team of dynamic and reactive technicians is at your disposal 6 days a week from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.

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