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Integrate SMS into your marketing strategy

Effective and profitable, SMS is a tool to exploit for your communication and promotion campaigns.

Simple and fast, it benefits from many assets that perfectly complement an emailing solution in your marketing strategy.

Contacting a large number of customers quickly becomes child's play.

But you still need to choose the solution best suited to your needs and be well accompanied to help you set up the tool.

Why integrate an SMS campaign into your marketing strategy?

Stand out from the competition in an original and efficient way: inform your customers by SMS message.

  • What type of message to send in an SMS marketing campaign?
The possibilities offered by an SMS sending software are multiple: event announcement, promotion sending, order follow-up, appointment reminder, delivery notifications, fraud alerts, vouchers, etc.

  • Which features?
In addition to managing responses, STOPs and blacklists, an SMS sending solution, if coupled with your database, will allow you to personalize your messages in order to broadcast unique content for each customer.

You can also opt for the voice SMS option and choose to broadcast your message directly to the respondent's answering machine or when the call is answered.

Finally, measure your performance in real time with the campaign statistics.
Intégrer une campagne SMS à votre stratégie marketing

The advantages of setting up an SMS marketing campaign

The implementation of SMS campaigns will bring many benefits to your company:

  • Unclog your Customer Service, reduce your call volumes and optimize your response times with SMS notifications.
  • Communicate at a lower cost by launching SMS and email campaigns. Communication tools that are used on a daily basis, quick to set up and that allow you to quickly contact a large number of your customers.
  • Be sure to be read. With an opening rate of more than 90%, SMS is one of the most effective means of communication.
  • The time-saving solution: no need to call all your customers one by one!
  • Combined with your customer database, a targeted SMS marketing campaign allows you to send unique content to each person. Automatically generating personalized birthday SMS messages is a very popular approach with customers.
  • The implementation of SMS campaigns sends a warm, professional and dynamic image of your company.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: customers enjoy a more satisfying experience and better engagement.
  • Reduce operating costs by using fewer resources.

Your SMS sending software with digiCONTACTS

With 15 years of experience in professional telephony, digiCONTACTS, the expert in multi-channel solutions for customer relations, offers a range of tools tailored to your needs.

Opting for a Call Center software that integrates automated confirmation procedures (Email or SMS) is a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Thanks to the segmentation of databases, you obtain a better targeting and can thus personalize your messages. 

Benefit from a tailor-made support for your development and customer satisfaction strategy. Available and responsive, digiCONTACTS teams are listening to your needs to find the ideal solution.

Discover 100% open, efficient and scalable SMS solutions to improve your customer relations.
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