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Serveur Vocal Interactif

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a real asset for your customer service

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony technology that allows you to transfer as well as receive calls. An intelligent IVR can interact with callers to direct them to the right department.

A real time-saving tool that will allow you to reduce your costs thanks to a better internal organization. The result is increased customer satisfaction.

How an IVR works

The implementation of an interactive voice response software requires a deep reflection beforehand. A professional service provider should not be satisfied with selling you a solution without having determined your needs beforehand.

It is thus a primordial stage that the definition of the possible scenarios.

In this sense, you must imperatively be accompanied to elaborate a tree structure which foresees the various stages bringing an answer to the interlocutor.

Depending on the options chosen by the user, the IVR must be able to opt for the appropriate action in order to direct your customer to the right service.

The system must be easy to use for your advisors, but the steps must also be clear for the caller and not be too numerous, at the risk of losing them.

The IVR is the gateway to your company for your customers, so it must reflect a positive image and provide a pleasant user experience.
Le fonctionnement d'un SVI

The advantages of an IVR

By equipping your company with an interactive voice server, the advantages are multiple:

  • A time-saving tool
Internally: the organization is more fluid and the calls received arrive at the right destination. The IVR saves your advisors precious time.
Externally: your callers are directed directly to the dedicated service, interacting with the voice server by voice or using the telephone keys. No more wasted time and patience for callers.
  • A gain in productivity
Automatic call routing facilitates the management of incoming calls and requires fewer resources. The work of your teams is thus optimized.
  • Precise targeting
User calls are redirected to the right person or department.
  • Offer availability to your customers
The IVR offers a 24/7 telephone greeting to users. 100% of calls are answered and redirected either to an agent from your team or to a voice mailbox. Don't lose any more calls!
  • Flexibility in your work
Work from home, from one site to another, thanks to the great flexibility offered by IVR. Direct calls to any phone extension and send voice messages to your email box.
  • A scalable solution
Make your voice server evolve according to your desires: personalize your voice messages, modify the music on hold, your messaging system or your reception numbers, or even couple your solution with web services or new databases.
  • A professional image
With the implementation of an interactive voice server, your company offers a high quality reception to its customers. A sure value that reflects a resolutely professional image.

  • An improved customer experience
Availability, professionalism, optimized call management are all assets in your favor to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Reduced costs
Less time wasted, less resources mobilized, inevitably lead you to reduce the costs related to the management of a traditional switchboard.
An IVR replaces a switchboard operator and does not require any particular intervention for its implementation.

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