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Increase your call center performance

Are you looking to increase your customer satisfaction?
What if you opted for an emailing solution?

Use inexpensive means of communication such as emails and SMS to reduce your costs, save time and optimize the productivity of your call center.

digiCONTACTS, the expert in professional telephony solutions, offers software for sending large volumes of emails and SMS tailored to your needs.

Why choose a professional emailing solution?

If you want to improve your customer relationship, email and SMS marketing are nowadays essential tools to include in your strategy.

SMS and emails are means of communication widely used by everyone in everyday life. Among the advantages they offer: to quickly contact a large number of people. With an opening rate of more than 90%, the SMS is a sure value to guarantee the good reading of a message.

What is the use of sending emails and SMS to your customers? Communicating en masse to promote your services, reminding or confirming appointments, or following up on orders are all actions that guarantee customer satisfaction.
With the implementation of an emailing and/or SMS sending software, you improve the productivity of your call center and facilitate the work of your teams.

digiCONTACTS, the specialist in sending professional emails and SMS, explains the advantages of opting for an emailing solution.
Email marketing

The advantages to opt for an emailing solution

Opting for a Call Center software that integrates automated confirmation procedures (Email or SMS) is a real asset for outbound call centers:
>> Internally: sort and distribute messages to the most competent agents and obtain a more fluid organization of call management.
>> Externally: reduce the response rate by sending powerful messages to your customers.
  • Save time
By better distributing the work, you can respond more quickly and efficiently to the customer's request. Implementing an SMS marketing or mass email campaign solution will allow you to contact a large number of customers in a minimum amount of time.

  • Reduce your costs
Less expensive and less time-consuming than phone calls, sending emails and/or SMS is also a time-saving solution, because it allows :
  1. A better internal organization.
  2. A more efficient work, because it allows you to contact in no time a large number of customers.
It is therefore a significant reduction in costs that is at stake.
Solution emailing
  • Facilitate the work of your teams
Streamline the internal organization of your call center. By distributing the work fairly among the agents, according to their abilities, you make the most of their working time.

  • Increase your productivity
A more fluid internal organization and a quick and efficient contact with the customer guarantee a gain in productivity.

  • Improve your customer relations
No more long waits for customers. With a well-chosen emailing software, you optimize your response time and reduce your call volume. Moreover, you get a better targeting thanks to the segmentation of databases.
Avantages d'une solution emailing

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