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Implement a call management software

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Your calls most often correspond to:

An incoming call is a telephone call made by an individual to a company or a contact center. Most often it is a request for information/reservation, an appointment/order, a complaint (after sales service/hotline).

You want to offer your customers a remarkable degree of satisfaction and thus increase your sales?

Do you want to provide your agents with a complete online file even before answering the call, all enhanced with complete and detailed statistics, allowing you to optimize your teams?

Professionalize your telephone reception and improve its quality!

Features related to incoming calls

  • Manage phone calls.
  • Connect customers directly with agents according to their skills.
  • Control queue loads by monitoring call levels and your staffing levels.
  • Prioritize based on call conditions.
  • Assign calls as needed by agent, group or skill
  • Collect and record customer responses.
  • Monitor your activity in real time.
  • View real-time statistics and historical data to plan your work.

Benefits of our inbound call management solution

  • Track phone calls.
  • Improved call processing times.
  • Increase the quality of service.
  • Decrease in waiting time.
  • Knowledge of customer history by the advisor.
  • Personalization of the contact.

Interfacing with many CRMs

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Manage the performance of your customer service

Reporting digiCONTACTS appels entrants

Analyze your customer service activity

  • Volume of incoming calls.
  • Type of callers.
  • Distribution of requests.
  • Volumetry by reason for the requests.
  • Processing quality.
  • Processing time.
  • Processing productivity.
  • Processing volume per agent.
  • Average processing time.
Statistical reports help you improve your service quality day after day, for the greatest satisfaction of your customers.

digiCONTACTS accompanies you from A to Z!

Support for the installation

The digiCONTACTS team accompanies you in your call center equipment project.
We are at your disposal to study your telephony project and advise you on the solution that best meets your expectations.

The demonstration is an essential step in order to get a feel for the software and all its features. It is a privileged exchange that allows future users to discover all the possibilities of the software and to verify its adequacy with your needs. These personalized presentations (free of charge) are carried out remotely or on site.

The implementation of a new enterprise software is not trivial.
We do everything possible to ensure that your investment lasts.
Accompagnement à l'installation

Support for your teams

The deployment of a call center solution within an organization is often considered as a purely technical project and the organizational and human aspects can sometimes be neglected.

Whether you work in an SME or a large group, adopting a new enterprise telephony tool is not something you can improvise. But it is not so complicated either, as long as you are well surrounded! From the development of the specifications to the training of your employees, the digiCONTACTS team follows you step by step!

Our goal: to ensure that the implementation of our software in SaaS mode takes place in the best conditions. We try to make sure that each of your employees will quickly get used to the functioning of our call center software. In your company or remotely, we transmit to your employees the best practices to use our software in an optimal way.

We accompany you throughout your use.
A technical support is available 6 days a week from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to midnight.
Accompagnement des équipes

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