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Created in 2006 by SDCI, the digiCONTACTS offer allows companies to benefit from 100% VoIP open, efficient and scalable telephony solutions.

The digiCONTACTS offer is based on 2 solutions made available to companies: the Call Center software and the classic IPBX switchboard.

Whatever the need of our customer, its typology or its sector of activity, we offer modular and scalable solutions: from a simple IPBX solution with 5/6 extensions to a complex telecom infrastructure with 300/400 extensions spread over 10-15 countries.
We have bet on a community development. 

In other words, we are constantly developing our applications according to new customer needs. They become partners in our development. 
A mode of operation that guarantees competitive rates.

With this modular offer and end-to-end support, the customer has a tailor-made solution, adapted to his information system and easy to implement.

They testify for us!