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How to create a call center?

How to create a call center? digiCONTACTS helps you
The telephone remains the preferred means of communication for customers.
Creating an efficient call center is therefore beneficial for companies.
This is the best way to answer customers with a really low budget.
However, before setting up a call center in your company, you must analyze your product and your customers' needs.
The implementation of a call center is both a human and a technical project.

Here are the 5 main steps that we recommend before embarking on the project of creating a call center.

1. Déterminer le rôle et les missions de votre centre d'appels

A call center can have two functions: call transmission and call reception.

The reasons that push companies to create a call center are various:
  • To improve the quality of service.
  • To increase customer loyalty.
  • To increase the productivity of its teams.
  • To bring added value.
  • Strengthen its sales team.
  • Prospect for new customers.
  • Make sales.

2. Build the project team

First of all, the essential point in the creation of a call center is the number of staff necessary for its proper functioning. Depending on the estimated volume of calls, you can determine the number of agents you need to launch your project.

Then, it is advisable to have a team dedicated to the project and to determine a project manager. Don't forget to include all the departments concerned by the call center (sales department, accounting, ADV, HR, ...).
Finally, it will also be important to focus on the quality of your team. It will be necessary to set up a recruitment and training process for your agents in order to reduce as much as possible the turn-over, harmful for the efficiency of your call center.

3. Définir les canaux de communication

Customer relations have evolved and new generations of customers and prospects are increasingly using different communication channels.

In fact, call centers have evolved towards multi-channel. It is therefore important to identify the types of channels that will be used: email, chat, telephone, social networks, etc.

4. Choose a solution adapted to the company's needs

Depending on the size and structure of your company, you will have to decide on the telephone solution you wish to implement. You can opt for the IPBX solution used and physically integrated in your premises, or choose a fully hosted solution in SaaS mode, also called "virtual switchboard".

A hosted call center is much faster to set up and allows a real economic gain and greater flexibility! The only prerequisite to use this solution is to have a reliable internet connection. 

5. Recruiting and training employees

At first, it is advisable to subcontract the training of your team by the developer of the solution who will be able to answer correctly to your expectations.

A good management is also essential to maintain a fixed team and to avoid at most the turnover, harmful for the efficiency of your team.

digiCONTACTS experts will accompany you throughout the deployment of the solution, from the start of your telephony project to the daily use of the call center solution within your company.

In conclusion

The creation of a call center requires taking into account several parameters: the human factor, the established objectives and the choice of the solution.

The main element to take into account is the choice of the technological solution that will lay the foundations of your call center.

Whatever the size of your call center, digiCONTACTS accompanies and advises you in your project.